Beliefs taken seriously

One thing I enjoyed looking at was religion/beliefs/way of life, however you describe it. Again, I took inspiration from numerous existing and extinct human cultures (not just one). I played around with it but tried to stay true and add a few long suffering twists and unanswered questions until towards the almost finished series (Have 1-3 books … More Beliefs taken seriously

A thought

One thing I tackled in the writing of Trust, was how would two biologically different and separated species communicate? They would share some similarities physically, and mentally, but then what? Add into the mix speech vs telepathy. HOW would that first meeting go?! Again I looked to real world dynamics and nature. I looked beyond … More A thought

What is a centaur?

I knew I didn’t like the idea of redundancy organs, or even skeletal structures for starters. In my research which covered everything from equine, human anatomies, even marine life and insect or invertebrate biology, forums, blogs etc, it only bolstered my original idea. That was step one, next was what do they eat? How do … More What is a centaur?

New book launch!

In 29 days, Trust (Children of Chiron Vol 1) will launch! (August 31 2017) Mark your calendar BUT you don’t have to wait! Yep, just sign up for my newsletter at and get a free copy NOW. One copy will be given out each week. Don’t forget to leave a written review on Amazon! … More New book launch!