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FIRST book review!
J P Jamin
August 6 2017
Review of Trust Children of Chiron Volume 1 
A gorgeously styled fantasy in which a dying race of Centaurs sees a hope of survival in their encounter with humans. The novel is compelling and at times provocative in its scenes of trans-species maternal bonding, and the conflict between amity and mistrust that resonates powerfully in modern tribal politics and cultural warfare. Most fascinating is the theme of shamanic spirituality and the overlay of telepathy, creating an extrasensory world map as each group senses the presence of the others’ thoughts. If you like Jane M. Auel, you’ll love Tabitha Darling! 
When centaurs return to Earth, they are dying. In the hopes that humanity can help, war breaks out instead. The last infant must be saved! As one centaur, Ieang struggles to keep the infant girl alive, he finds himself not only  trapped on this planet but on the run. Both are caught in the middle. Desperate, he and his companion capture one of the enemy humans, but will she will care for the infant?! Every day the baby lives is precious! 
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