Telepathy a deeper look

An area of communication which I mentioned in a previous post is telepathy. What IS it? First off, it’s fake, just a trope in fiction whether movies or books etc, but it’s long been used. One thing I tried to do was steer clear of ”assumed’ or disconnected paths or methods, like a hand on the face, the use of magic or technology. I wanted this purely biological in nature. What methods are out there to transmit data, signals or other ways of communicating? Smell, chemicals that get picked up and transferred into electro-chemical signal the brain interprets, sound/vibration transfererd/read the same way via the ear, sight is light transferred/read again much the same. The organs are different, the signal input is different. So are the regions of the brain that take in and send off the data. BUT when you take into account what constitutes the self, awareness, memory, sensory input (sensation or physical memory of something) and naturally, that is pretty much the entire brain, well how do you send that off to someone, or even an individual thought? I explored the idea of a different brain structure and a special area of the brain just for sending and receiving. And WHAT is to be sent? Electrical or chemical, or electro-chemical? What medium is best suited to send and receive that signal, water, air what? What shape, dish, tendrils, bulbous melon (like the dolphin) frizzy antennae? What is the range, the reach, the maximum distance? What happens if there is direct physical contact between two parties (presumably a stronger delivery) And if there is contact with a non telepath and a telepath, will the signal transfer work at all, be understood, scrambled, and or the non telepath’s brain affected, changed or harmed? These are all things I explored beginning from Trust (Children of Chiron Vol 1) on through the entire series. No magic, no tech, just straight up biology. It was fun and fascinating to look at. Mind you we humans tend to think IN sound, in language, in words… how would that be received if experience is imparted in raw form along side interpretation of the events in one’s life?

I am giving FREE copies of Trust (Children of Chiron Series Vol 1) until launch day August 31 2017.

Book blurb
When centaurs return to Earth, they are dying. In the hopes that humanity can help, war breaks out instead. The last infant must be saved! As one centaur, Ieang struggles to keep the infant girl alive, he finds himself not only trapped on this planet but on the run. Both are caught in the middle. Desperate, he and his companion capture one of the enemy humans, but will she will care for the infant?! Every day the baby lives is precious!

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